Moulding Compound

Urea Moulding Compound

Urea Moulding Compounds are cellulose-filled moulding compounds, for all mouldings where good dimensional stability is required.

Melamine Moulding Compound

Melamine Moulding Compounds are cellulose-filled moulding powders, for large flat articles as well as for deep-draw mouldings.

Melamine Resins

Concrete Plasticizer

Concrete Plasticizer Serment is available both in powder(SERMENT CPR-100) and liquid forms(SERMENT CPL-40). 

Gypsum Plaster Resin

Gypsum Plaster Resin GPR-120  increases plasticity and fluidity of Gypsum during application.

Leather Tanning Resin

Leather Tanning Resin LTR-130  is a Melamine Resin for use in tannage process of all types of animal leather. 

Brake Lining Resin

RESIN BLR-140 is a Melamine Resin used for production of friction materials, where abrasion resistance and thermal stability are ruqired.

Paper Wet Strength Resin

RESIN PPR-150 is a Melamine Resin, used for wet strength finishing of paper, paperboard and cardboard in stock. RESIN PPR-150 is used in the production of many types of papers.

Lamination Resin

RESIN LPL-180 is a Melamine Resin, used for impregnation of decorative papers and these decorative papers are used for coating  the surface of particleboard or fiberboard in order to make the surface “natural wood-looking”.

Glazing Powder

RESIN GPS-200 is a Melamine Formaldehyde Resin; a condensation product of  pure Melamine and Formaldehyde.

Other Products

Urea Formaldehyde Resin

RESIN UFR-110 can be used for many purposes. It is very strong adhesive. Should be used always with hardener

Calcium Nitrate, Liquid

RESIN CNL-54  is Calcium Nitrate Solution in liquid form, with 54% +/- 1 solid content