Melamine Moulding Compound

Melamine moulding compounds are cellulose-filled moulding powders, for large flat articles as well as for deep-draw mouldings.

Melamine moulding compounds has improved characteristics compared to the Urea Moulding Compounds.

Melamine moulding compounds are eminently suitable for

  • Kitchenware / dinnerware
  • Fine and heavy dishes
  • Electrical fittings
  • Handles for pans and ovens
  • Ashtrays


  • Better resistance to staining and discolouration
  • Resistance to higher temperature
  • Greater resistance to weak acids and alkalies


High frequency pre-heating of  Melamine moulding compounds not only improves surface quality of moulded parts, but tension-free moulded pieces are also obtained. At the same time tools are preserved and working productivity can be increased by lowering of operating times.


In general moulds should be hard chromium plated and well polished. Thus are obtained not only better piece surface, but also removals is facilitated.


Thick-wall pieces and those with great crossection variations should be moulded at temperature as low as possible.


In spite of its storage stabilty, MELAMINE MOULDING COMPOUND should not be stored under unfavourable conditions. Otherwise a relapse of flow may be expected. For best results, keep it under cool and dry conditions, below 25°C at all times, and not in direct contact with sunshine.


  1. Bags of 25 Kg (Kraft paper bags)
  2. Bigbag  ( 1 M.Ton)
  3. Octabin ( 1 M.Ton)