Concrete Plasticizer

  • SERMENT CPR-100 in powder form
  • SERMENT CPL-40    in liquid form

Concrete Plasticizer Serment is available both in powder and liquid forms.

SERMENT CPR-100 (Powder)

SERMENT CPR-100 is a melamine sulfonate-based super-plasticizer; produced from sulfonated melamine formaldheyde. It is an additive used in the mixer, in preparation of concrete, when preparing concrete mixture.

SERMENT CPR-100 is a concrete superplasticizer; it is an additive that increases the plasticity and fluidity of the concrete.

When SERMENT CPR-100 is added to the concrete mixture, it softens it. Thus, the workability of concrete increases which means;

  1. it is easier to mix the concrete,
  2. the concrete  prepared  with  SERMENT CPR-100  can be pumped more easily
  3. the concrete mixture can be prepared with less water. Less water in concrete means stronger concrete.
  4. the concrete prepared with SERMENT CPR-100 hardens more quickly.


Adding 1 – 3%  SERMENT CPR-100 per unit weight of cement is usually sufficient.


SERMENT CPR-100 is in the form of fine white powder. It is in paper bags of 25 Kg net.


The material should be stored below 25°C, in a well-ventilated place. If stored properly in unopened bags, its shelf-life is up to 6 months from the date of production.