Paper Wet Strength Resin

RESIN PPR-150 is a Melamine Resin, used for wet strength finishing of paper, paperboard and cardboard in stock

RESIN PPR-150 is used in the production of many types of papers. This resin increases the wear resistance, thus extending  the life of paper. RESIN PPR-150 based papers (for example; banknotes, maps) can be wrinkled and folded endlessly and still retain a good appearance.

This resin also provides wet-strength properties to speciality papers.

RESIN PPR-150 is used for the manufacture of paper, paperboard and cardboard with good wet tear strength, wet abrasion resistance and alkali resistance. It increases to some extent the dry tensile strength, the bursting strength and folding endurance. The product can also be used to improve other textural properties, e.g. erasibility and picking as well as the dimensional stability.

The product exerts no sizing action which would prevent ink penetration and is therefore particularly suitable for absorbent papers. When used together with sizing agents it considerably enhances their effect.

RESIN PPR-150 can be used in all types of paper-stock based on cellulose. Because of its high purity it has proved particularly suitable for the manufacture of fine and very fine papers. Paperboard and cardboard can also be finished to have excellent wet strength properties. Both absorbent papers with a neutral reaction and sized papers can be given wet strength with this product.

RESIN PPR-150 is particularly suitable for the manufacture of ;
banknote paper, map paper, wallpaper, overlay paper, decor paper, passport & stamp paper, packaging papers including paper for sacks and foodstuff packaging, label paper, base paper for impregnating, coating base paper, solid paperboard of all kinds, document paper, laundry label paper, abrasive base paper, pattern paper.