LEATHER TANNING RESIN LTR-130  is a Melamine Resin for use in tannage process of all types of animal leather. Tanning the leather with this Melamine Resin provides the following features:

  • It gives softness and elasticity to leather
  • It improves the buffing properties of leather
  • It improves the fullness of the leather in loosely structured areas of animal
  • skin.
  • It levels dyeing and helps the dyestuff to penetrate better. In particular nubuk and suede can be dyed to more brillant shades


Körfez Kimya
Körfez Kimya


The consumption rate varies with the type of leather. Just to give an idea; adding 2,0–6,0% LEATHER TANNING RESIN LTR-130  based on the shaved weight of leather is usually sufficient.


LEATHER TANNING RESIN LTR-130 is in form of white fine powder.
It is in paper bags of 25 Kg net.


The material should be stored below 25°C, in a well-ventilated place. If stored properly in unopened bags, its shelf-life is up to 6 months from the date of production.